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In this blog I will be showing you how to coupon the proper way, you'll see weekly deals, free samples and companies that you can email for coupons!

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This is a completely free way of learning how to save money on everyday items your family uses. I created this group for a couple of reasons the first being i love couponing, the second is I wanna teach everyone how to coupon the correct way, theres to many groups on facebook that teaches you how to misuse coupons, and how to coupon ilegally.

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Basic Tips

Know Where to Find Coupons
Obviously, having coupons is the first thing you need to get started. But, where do you find them all is usually the first question I get asked.
These days there are so many more options to getting coupons from paper to printables to electronic coupons. Here are top 6 ways to find the best coupons.
Inserts in your weekly paper – these are inserts that vary each week in your Sunday paper. Inserts are from Smart Source, Red Plum and/or P&G.
Printable Coupon – check out my list of all the top printable coupons sources http://couponingforbeginners101.simplesite.com/434861721
Catalina Printouts – these are coupons that print at your store after checkout
Magazines – Look for magazines with coupons. There are many magazines that contain coupons including Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, Better Homes & Garden Magazine and even Shape magazine have some great coupons
Tearpads/Blinkies – These are coupons that are found in store. You can find them on displays or hanging from the shelf.
eCoupons – These are becoming more and more popular. eCoupons are coupons that load onto your store loyalty card or your smart phone. They are deducted at the register when you make a qualifying purchase.
Emailing Companies- Emailing Companies for coupons is a great way to get coupons some send you high dollar ones and others send you Free coupons for their products, they also send you samples but that varies when emailing companies not all of them do send samples, When emailing them i always just ask for coupons, some give them compliments and tell them how their family like's their product but most times they just say "Thank You" So its really up to you what you say to the, Now keep in mind sometimes its hit and miss when you email them and ask for coupons, some get them and others don't you just have to keep emailing them back till they send you some, it also takes patiences waiting for them to email you back and send you coupons, but in the end its worth it. Theres a list of compnaies to email for coupons on my website. http://couponingforbeginners101.simplesite.com/434861454
2. Know When to Use Coupons
Clipping and using coupons is only the first step in saving on your groceries. Knowing when to use your coupons is what will get you the biggest bang for your buck.
Wait for a sale – Waiting to use your coupons when the items go on sale is the secret to saving the most money. Don’t waste your coupons on full price items. Hang onto them for the lowest price sale and then use that coupon.
Follow Sales Cycles – Sales on products usually run in cycles of about 8-12 weeks. Also, sales follow cycles of holidays and events throughout the year. For instance, snack and finger foods always go on sale around Super Bowl and candy goes on sale in February for Valentine’s Day. Follow our Grocery Sales Cycles to see what you can expect to buy during certain months of the year.
Buy at the Lowest Price – This goes along with the first point which is wait for a sale. If you wait for that item to go on sale, you are able to get it at it’s lowest price, combined with a coupon and even a store promotion
3. Know How to Use Coupons
Have you asked your customer service department at your store if they accept competitor coupons? If not, you should! There might be some ways to save at your store that you didn’t even know about. Here are some things you should ask your store so you know that you are taking advantage of every savings opportunity:
Double Coupons – Does the store double coupons? If so, does a $0.50 coupon double up to $1? Does a $0.75 double up to $1.50? Is there a limit to the amount of coupons that double? Make sure you understand exactly how their double coupon policy works.
Stacking Store Coupons – Make sure to ask the store if they allow you to use a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon. This is called stacking coupons. Although you can never use 2 manufacturer coupons on the same product, you can, for most stores, stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon.
Competitor Coupons – Does your store accept competitor coupons? Make sure to ask. If they do, it’s even more of a savings opportunity. I recently found out that Harmon Discount Stores accept Ulta Coupons. Ulta Coupons are usually better coupons then Harmon puts out so now I am always saving Ulta coupons when come in the mail or newspapers.
4. Stock Up
Stocking up on sale items is a very important part of getting the most savings at the grocery store. It gives you control of what you are paying for your groceries instead of the store having control of your prices.
Let’s say your family eats a lot of Cheerios cereal and you were able to purchase a box for just $0.50. After 1 week, that box of Cheerios would be gone. When you go back to the store the next week, you’ll need to buy another box of Cheerios. And, guess what…it’s no longer on sale. So, you wind up paying $3.99 or maybe even $2.99 if you have another coupon. That is a big difference from the $0.50 you bought the week before.
Now, lets say you bought 8 boxes of Cheerios at the sale price of $0.50 (after coupons). You are now in control of the price you will pay because you can wait for another sale. You are not forced to pay a higher price for that product since you have enough to get you through a couple of months.
Stocking up does not mean turning your house into a mini market but it does mean having a stock of items that will last your family about 3-6 months. A typical stockpile will consist of products that can be stored on 3-4 shelves. That’s all you need.
Important Facts You Should Know Before Using Coupons
With the new shows such as Extreme Couponing, there are a lot of new coupon users out there. With so many people trying to save an “extreme” amount of money, sometimes you could, inadvertently, use a coupon incorrectly. Using them incorrectly may, in time, cause stores to adjust their policies. So, I wanted to take a moment to address some important facts.
1. Do Not Copy – This is a very big NO-NO. You can not copy coupons. This is actually against the law and is considered fraud. In most cases, you can print 2 per computer. If you need more, see if friends or family members can print for you as well.
2. Unique Codes: A lot of people email me telling me that their store would not accept their coupons because the UPC codes were the same on their like coupons. If you are using more then one “like” coupon, your UPC codes WILL all be the same. They are coded to work for each product and dollar amount. However, there are numbers on the coupons that will change with each one printed. This is how they insure that they are not getting ones that are copied.. Here is where you can find those numbers on your coupons:
Coupons.com Coupons: There is a small barcode located under the expiration date. There is a different number for each one printed.
Smart Source Coupons: On the left side there is a pin number. There is a different pin number for each coupon printed. Update: Some of the Smart Source coupons may have the pin number located around the perimeter.
3. Fraudulent Coupons: If you received a coupon from a friend in your email or spotted one online and you are not sure if it’s legitimate, you can head over to http://www.couponinformationcenter.com/ . They have a list of coupons that have been reported as fraudulent. If you have received a fraudulent coupon, DO NOT use it.
4. Use The Coupon How It Is Intended: Be sure to only use the coupon how it was intended to be used. If the coupon is for $1/1 off Maxwell House International Delight Coffee, don’t try to use it on Maxwell House Regular Coffee. If it states “any Maxwell House Coffee” then you are free to use it on any of the Maxwell House products.
Also, pay attention to the size restrictions on the coupon. If there are no size restrictions or it states “on any”, you can use it for any size in that product including trial or travel size.
5. One Per Purchase: A lot of consumers and cashiers think that this means you may only use 1 coupon per shopping trip. What this actually means, is that you can use one coupon per item purchased. So, if you were buying 4 Cheerios, you can use 4 $1/1 Cheerios Coupons.
Occasionally you will see coupons that are 1 per transaction. In that case, you will only be able to use 1 even if you purchased more then one of those items in your transaction. There really are not too many of these coupons around.
Some coupons, like P&G coupons, allow you to only use 4 “like” coupons per transaction.
6. The Value of The Coupon: Another thing to pay close attention to is the value of the coupon. If it states $1/1, you can use it to take $1.00 off 1 product. If it states $1/2, you can use it to take $1 off 2 products. So, for the $1/2 coupon you can only use one for 2 products.
How To Organize Your Coupons
There's multiple ways to organize your coupons, I personally use the binder method because I like to have all my coupons where I can see them, in there own little space and not all stuck together plus its easier for me when i go to the store and i find a good deal on something I'll have all my coupons with me and know right where the coupon is without have to search for it. Below is a list of organiztion methods you can try as well as pictures:
Repurposed Clutch
start with a small clutch. And use recipe dividers to create sections. Some recommend organizing the dividers based on the layout of your grocery store. That way, you can easily set your stylish organizer in the upper basket of your shopping cart ad you go from aisle to aisle matching items to coupons.
Mini expandable file folder
Found in the office supply aisle of most major retailers. ( I found mine at dollar tree.) The accordion- like design of expandable file folders creates pockets for easy sorting. If you're not the type to map out your grocery store, it's simply ti organize by general departments like produce, meat, and bread.
Binders can range from basic 3 ring organizers to full on suites for pens, pencils, calculators and more. Choose a size based in your commitment to coupon clipping, then store coupons, and shopping list in clear page protectors.
Basket or crate
Create a coupon clipping stations by placing a basket or crate next to the area where you set your mail. Simply fill your container with file folders, spruce them up with a design of your liking and use each folder to organize coupons by store.
Basic Tips

List Of Companies

1. 7- Up https://www.drpeppersnapplegroup.com/contactyuuh

2. 9 lives http://www.bigheartpet.com/Contact/ContactUs.aspx 

3. Aleve https://www.aleve.com/contact-us/ 

4. Al Fresco https://www.alfrescoallnatural.com/contact-us 

5. Alexia foods http://www.alexiafoods.com/contact-us-questions-or-concerns 

6. Alka-Seltzer https://www.alkaseltzer.com/contact/ 

7. Angel Soft https://www.angelsoft.com/contact 
8. Apple & Eve http://www.appleandeve.com/contact/ 

9. Arm & Hammer http://www.armandhammer.com/ContactUs.aspx?ContactTypeId=9 

10. Axe https://www.axe.com/us/en/secure/helpcenter/contact-us.html 

11. Bakers Chocolate http://kraftfoods.custhelp.com/app/contact_us

12. bagel Bites http://heinz.custhelp.com/app/contact_us

13. Ball Park Franks http://www.ballparkbrand.com/contact-us 

14. Banquet http://www.conagrabrands.com/contact-us 

15. Bar-s Hot dogs https://www.bar-s.com/contact-us 

16. Barbaras Bakery http://barbaras.com/contact-us/ 

17. Barber foods http://www.barberfoods.com/contact-us 

18. Ben & Jerry's https://secure.benjerry.com/about-us/contact-us?

19. Bic https://www.bicworld.com/en/contact-us 

20. Blistex http://www.blistex.com/give-us-lip/ 

21. Blue Diamond http://www.bluediamond.com/applications/contact.cfm?navid=13 

22. Boboli http://www.boboli.com/ContactBoboli.aspx 

23. Borden dairy https://www.bordencheese.com/contact-us 

24. Brach's candy http://www.ferrarausa.com/contact-us/ 

25. Breyers https://secure.breyers.com/contactus

26. Brown Cow Yogurt http://www.browncowfarm.com/contact-us/ 

27. Birdseye https://www.birdseye.com/contact-us 
28. Beech-nut http://www.beechnut.com/contact-us/ 

29. Bertolli http://www.villabertolli.com/contact-us 

30. Blue Bunny Ice Cream https://www.bluebunny.com/connect 

31. Bigelow Tea http://www.bigelowtea.com/Contact-Us 

32. Bolthouse Farms http://inside.bolthouse.com/contact.aspx

33. Burts Bees http://www.burtsbees.com/content/contact-us/contact-productquestions.html 

34. Bush's Baked Beans https://www.bushbeans.com/en_US/contact-us 

35. Cetaphil http://www.galdermausa.com/Contact-Us.aspx 

36. Challenge butter https://challengedairy.com/contact-us 

37. Cheez Wiz http://kraftfoods.custhelp.com/app/contact_us

38. Campbell's https://www.campbells.com/connect/ 

39. Carl Biddig http://www.buddig.com/connect/contact-us 

40. Celestial Seasonings http://www.celestialseasonings.com/connect-with-us/contact-form 

41. Chef Boyardee http://www.conagrabrands.com/contact-us 
42. Clearasil http://www.clearasil.us/contact/ (Phone Number Only)

43. Clorox https://cloroxconnections.custhelp.com/app/ask/cws/clorox.com

44. Coles Garlic Bread https://www.coles.com/contact 

45. Crayola https://shop.crayola.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-Crayola-Site/default/CAContactUs

46. Chiqutia http://www.chiquita.com/contact 

47. Chobani http://care.chobani.com/ics/support/ticketnewwizard.asp?style=classic

48. Cool Whip http://kraftfoods.custhelp.com/app/contact_us

49. Curel http://www.curel.com/contact.aspx 

50. Dannon http://www.dannon.com/feedback-form/ 

51. Digiorno Pizza https://www.nestleusa.com/info/contact-us 

52. Duncan Hines http://pinnaclefoods.com/index.php/company/contact-us 

53. Del Monte Veggies http://www.delmontefoods.com/contact-us 

54. Dial Soap http://na.henkel-adhesives.com/henkelnow-contact-us-8802.htm 

55. Dole http://www.dole.com/en/AboutDole/Contact-us 

56. Downy http://www.downy.com/en-us/contact-us 

57. Dunkin donuts https://www.dunkindonuts.com/en/about/contact-us/product 

58. Egg Land's Best http://www.egglandsbest.com/contact-us/ 

59. Entenmanns https://www.entenmanns.com/en/contact-us 

60. Earhbound Farms http://www.earthboundfarm.com/contact-us/ 

61. Edwards Pies https://www.edwardsdesserts.com/secure/contact-us.htm 

62. Edy's https://www.edys.com/contact-us 

63. El Montery http://www.elmonterey.com/contact-us/ 

64. Electrasol http://www.finishdishwashing.com/forms/contact-us/ 

65. Eucerin http://www.eucerinus.com/contact-us 

66. Folgers https://www.folgerscoffee.com/contact-us#top 

67. Fresh Express https://www.freshexpress.com/contact-us 

68. Farm Rich https://www.farmrich.com/contact-us 

69. Fast Fixin http://www.fastfixin.com/contact-us 
70. Flat Out bread https://www.flatoutbread.com/meet-us/contact-us/ 

71. Florida Naturals http://www.floridasnatural.com/contact-us.php 

72. Foster Farms https://www.fosterfarms.com/all-about-us/get-in-touch/ 

73. Freihofer's Bakery https://bimbobakeriesusa.com/consumer-questions-feedback 

74. Freschetta https://www.freschetta.com/secure/contact-us.htm 

75. Glad https://www.glad.com/contact-us/email/ 

76. General Mills (Phone Number Only) 1-800-248-7310

77. Gillette Venus http://www.gillettevenus.com/en-us/contact-us  

78. Glade https://contact.scjbrands.com/en-us

79. Gortons Fish https://www.gortons.com/contact-us/ 

80. Greenies http://www.greenies.com/contact-us.aspx 

81. Hebrew Nationals http://www.conagrabrands.com/contact-us 

82. Hot Pockets https://www.hotpockets.com/contact/ 

83. Haagen Dazs https://www.haagendazs.us/about/contact/ 

84. Hanes https://www.hanes.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/HNSContactUsDisplay?catalogId=11051&langId=-1&storeId=10702&krypto=9y9AVZkUpp38Wccj9KWnqpBk6sLOH3doeg5Ps4lfu2u8J%2BgNWB%2BaYwQSWod%2FrkY30YC8dVVv%2B5OjL4nFK4%2BMJx1FKGMA7eMuLpYGXK30WZ3jCe5QAGNTw0e4XGt4p%2F64&ddkey=http%3AHNSContactUsDisplay 

85. Hansens Beverages https://www.hansens.com/contact 

86. Hatfield http://www.hatfieldqualitymeats.com/contact-us/ 

87. Hawaiin Punch http://www.econsumeraffairs.com/dpsg/contactus.htm?view=questions&F9=http://www.hawaiianpunch.com/_external/contact/dpsg_style_loader.js.php 

88. Healthy Balance https://oldorchard.com/contact/product-feedback 

89. Hefty http://www.reynoldskitchens.com/contact/ 

90. Heluva Good http://heluvagood.com/Hello/Talk-to-Us 

91. Hillshire Farms http://www.hillshirefarm.com/contact-us 

92. Horizon https://www.horizon.com/contact-us 

93. Hostess http://www.hostessbrands.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=254431&p=irol-infoReq 

94. Huggies https://www.huggies.com/en-US/contact-us 

95. Ian's Natural (Phone Number Only) 800.54.FOODS (36637)

96. IBC Root Beer https://www.drpeppersnapplegroup.com/contact 

97. Idahoan https://idahoan.com/contact-us/ 

98. Jennie O https://www.jennieo.com/contactus 

99. JIF http://www.jif.com/contact-us 

100. Keebler https://www.kelloggs.com/en_US/contact-us.html

101. Kings Hawiians http://www.kingshawaiian.com/contact-us/message/ 
102. Kozy shack https://www.kozyshack.com/contact-us 

103. Krusteaz http://www.krusteaz.com/contact-us 

104. Kotex https://www.ubykotex.com/en-us/contact-us 

105. Lipton https://www.lipton.com/us/en/secure/get-in-touch.html 

106. Lactaid https://www.ccc-consumercarecenter.com/UCUConfiguration?id=a0758000004NIab 
107. Lady Speed Stick https://www.colgatepalmolive.com/en/us/corp/contact-us?_ga=2.150949878.1100105139.1494293178-113129719.1494293178 

108. Land O Lakes https://www.landolakes.com/ssl/contact/ 

109. Lean Cuisine https://www.leancuisine.com/contact 
110. Little Crow Foods http://littlecrowfoods.com/contact-us/ 

111. Luigi's italian Ice http://www.luigis.com/contact.html 

112. Luvs http://www.luvsdiapers.com/en-us/contact-us 
113. McCormick https://www.mccormick.com/contact 

114. Mott's Juice http://www.econsumeraffairs.com/am_bev/contactus.htm?F1=mottsproducts&F2=Motts_Juice 

115. Mott's Applesauce http://www.econsumeraffairs.com/am_bev/contactus.htm?F1=mottsproducts&F2=Motts_Applesauce 

116. Malt o Meal https://www.postconsumerbrands.com/contact/ 

117. Mama Mary's http://www.mamamarys.com/contact-us/ 

118. Marie Calendar http://www.conagrabrands.com/contact-us 

119. McCain fries http://www.mccainusafoodservice.com/Contact/Index 

120. Michelina's http://www.michelinas.com/contact-us/ 
121. Missons http://www.missionmenus.com/contact 

122. Morning Star farms https://www.morningstarfarms.com/Contact-Us.html 

123. Mrs, Dash http://www.mrsdash.com/contact-us 

124. Mrs. Smiths https://www.mrssmiths.com/secure/contact-us.htm 

125. Musselmanns Applesauce http://www.knouse.com/Global/ContactForm.aspx 

126. Mrs. T Pierogies http://www.mrstspierogies.com/ContactUs 

127. Neutrogena https://www.ccc-consumercarecenter.com/UCUConfiguration?id=a0758000004NIaC 
128. Nonni's http://nonnis.com/contact-us/ 

129. Nature Owns Bread http://www.naturesownbread.com/contact-us 

130. Nexcare http://www.nexcare.com/3M/en_US/nexcare/connect/contact-us/ 

131. Nissin Noodles http://www.nissinfoods.com/contactus.php 

132. Ore Ida http://kraftfoods.custhelp.com/app/contact_us

133. Ocean Spray http://www.oceanspray.com/Who-We-Are/Contact-Us/Contact-Form.aspx 

134. Popcorn indiana (Phone Number Only) 1-800-767-4444

135. Pepperridge Farms http://www.pepperidgefarm.com/contact-us/ 

136. Perdue https://www.perdue.com/connect-with-us/ 

137. Picsweet Farms https://www.pictsweetfarms.com/contact-us/ 

138. Pilgrims http://www.pilgrimspride.com/contact-us/contact-us.aspx 
139. Pine-Sol https://www.pinesol.com/contact-us/email-us/ 

140. Promise https://www.unileverusa.com/contact/contact-form/ 

141. Propel https://cu.pepsico.com/propel

142. Rice Dream http://www.dreamplantbased.com/contact-us/ 

143. Ragu http://www.ragu.com/contact-us/ 

144. Raid https://contact.scjbrands.com/en-us

145. Ray's New YorK Bagels (Phone Number Only) 718 272-2780

146. Red Baron https://www.redbaron.com/secure/contact-us.htm 

147. Rhoads Bread https://www.rhodesbread.com/contact 

148. Right Guard http://na.henkel-adhesives.com/henkelnow-contact-us-8802.htm 

149. Ronzoni https://www.ronzoni.com/en-us/contact_us/default.aspx 

150. Scrubbing Bubbles https://contact.scjbrands.com/en-us
151. Silk https://silk.com/contact-us 

152. Sargento https://www.sargento.com/contact-us 

153. Schick http://www.schick.com/contact-us 

154. Seapak https://www.seapak.com/contact-us 

155. Sensodyne https://us.sensodyne.com/contact-us/

156. Shady brook Farms http://www.shadybrookfarms.com/contact-us/ 

157. Skinny Cow https://www.skinnycow.com/connect/contact.aspx 

158. Skintamate https://contact.scjbrands.com/en-us

159. Smart Ones http://heinz.custhelp.com/app/contact_us

160. Snapple https://www.drpeppersnapplegroup.com/contact 

161. St.Ives https://www.stives.com/contact-us 

162. Starkist http://starkist.com/contact-starkist 

163. State Fair Corn Dogs http://www.corndogs.com/contact-us 

164. Solo Cup https://www.solocup.com/#contact 

165. Tyson http://www.tyson.com/contact-us 

166. Tide https://tide.com/en-us/contact-us 

167. Tillamook https://www.tillamook.com/contact.html 

168. Tony's Pizza https://www.tonys.com/secure/contact-us.htm 

169. Tribe Hummas (Phone Number Only) 1-800-8-HUMMUS

170. Tropicana https://cu.pepsico.com/tropicana

171. Uncle Bens https://www.unclebens.com/contact-us 
172. Viva Paper Towels https://www.vivatowels.com/contact/ 

173. Valsic http://pinnaclefoods.com/index.php/company/contact-us 

174. Welchs http://www.welchs.com/about-us/contact-us 

175. Whiskas http://www.whiskas.com/ 

176. White Castle https://www.whitecastle.com/about/company/contact-us 

177. White House Applesauce https://whitehousefoods.com/contact/ 

178. Wonderful Pistachios http://getcrackin.com/feedback/ 

179. Windex https://contact.scjbrands.com/en-us

180. Wonder Bread http://www.wonderbread.com/contact/ 

181. Wylers http://heinz.custhelp.com/app/contact_us

182. Yo Crunch http://yocrunch.com/k2-categories/k2-comments/connect 

183. Zatarians https://www.mccormick.com/zatarains/contact 

184. Oragnic Valley https://organicvalley.custhelp.com/app/ask

185. Kashi https://www.kashi.com/contact-us 

186. Casadian Farm Organic http://www.cascadianfarm.com/connect/feedback 
187. Earths Best https://earthsbest.com/en/contact-us/ 

188. Annies http://www.annies.com/contact-us 
189. Plum Organic https://www.plumorganics.com/contact-us/ 

190. Pampers https://www.pampers.com/en-us/contact-us 

191. Mommy Bliss http://mommysbliss.com/contact-us/ 

192. Johnson & Johnson https://www.ccc-consumercarecenter.com/UCUConfiguration?id=a0758000004NIaL 

193. Pedialyte https://pedialyte.com/ask-us/live-support 

194. Similac https://similac.com/contact 

195. Enfamil https://www.enfamil.com/contact-us 

196. Gerber https://www.gerber.com/contact-us/email-us 
197. Honest Company https://www.honest.com/about-us/feedback 

198. Brillo http://www.brillo.com/contact-us.asp 

199. Mrs. Meyers https://www.mrsmeyers.com/contact-us/ 

200. Gold Bond http://www.chattem.com/contactus.htm

201. Purrell https://www.purell.com/customer-service 

202. Nivea http://www.niveausa.com/about-us/beiersdorf/contact-us 

203. Almay http://www.almay.com/contact-us.aspx 

204. Breathe right https://www.breatheright.com/contact-us.html 

205. Triple Paste http://www.triplepaste.com/contact-us/ 
206. Iams https://uspetcontact.mars.com/iams 

207. Cesar https://www.cesarsway.com/contact 

208. Purina https://www.purina.com/how-can-we-help/email-us 

209. Meow Mix http://www.bigheartpet.com/Contact/ContactUs.aspx 
210. Pedigree https://www.pedigree.com/contact-us 

211. Frito Lays http://www.fritolay.com/contact.htm 

212. Daisy Sour Cream http://daisybrand.com/contact-us 

213. Juicy Juice http://juicyjuice.com/contact-us/ 

214. Jimmy Dean http://www.jimmydean.com/contact-us 

215. Jose Ole http://joseole.com/contact-us 

216. Lance Crackers https://www.snyderslanceonline.com/pages/contact 

217. Woolite http://www.woolite.us/contact-us/ 

218. ALL Detergent https://www.all-laundry.com/contact-us 

219. Olay https://www.olay.com/en-us/contact-us 

220. Pure Silk http://pure-silk.com/pure-silk-contact-us.html 

221. Wet Ones http://www.wetones.com/ContactUs.aspx 

222. Toms of Marines http://www.tomsofmaine.com/company/overlay/ContactUs 
223. Purex http://www.henkel-northamerica.com/contact-us 

224. Stayfree http://www.stayfree.com/contact-us 

225. Carefree http://www.carefreeliners.com/contact-us 

226. Selsum Blue http://www.chattem.com/contactus.htm 

227. Carmex https://www.mycarmex.com/contact-us/ 
228. Pediasure https://pediasure.com/contact 

229. Always http://always.com/en-us/contact-us 

230. Chapstick http://www.chapstick.com/contact-us 

231. Dove https://www.dove.com/us/en/secure/contactus.html 

232. Jergens http://www.jergens.com/contact-us.aspx 

233. Sparkle https://cpgapps.gp.com/cpgcontactus/IntroCRM.aspx?BrandID=104 

234. Barbasol http://www.barbasol.com/contact.html 

235. Charmin https://www.charmin.com/en-us/contact-us 

236. Bounty https://bountytowels.com/en-us/contact-us 

237. Suavitel https://www.colgatepalmolive.com/en/us/corp/contact-us 

238. Depends https://www.depend.com/contact-us 

239. Stainmaster https://www.stainmaster.com/contact-us 

240. Tena http://www.tena.us/on/demandware.store/Sites-Tena_US-Site/en_US/CustomerService-ContactUs 

241. Head & Shoulders http://www.headandshoulders.com/en-us/contact-us 

242. Pantene http://www.headandshoulders.com/en-us/contact-us 

243. Aveeno https://www.ccc-consumercarecenter.com/UCUConfiguration?id=a0758000004NIaX 

244. Crest https://crest.com/en-us/contact-us 

245. Oral B https://crest.com/en-us/contact-us 
246. Scope https://crest.com/en-us/contact-us

247. Colgate https://www.colgatepalmolive.com/en/us/corp/contact-us 

248. Old Spice https://oldspice.com/en/contact-us 

249. Aussiehttps://aussie.com/en-us/contact-us

250. Irish Spring https://www.colgatepalmolive.com/en/us/corp/contact-us 

251. Rachael Ray https://nutrish.com/contact-us 

252. Friskies https://profiles.purina.com/contact/?b=FR&s=FRContactOCA_201402&_ga=2.97414815.1688889032.1494299499-1762789550.1494299499 
253. Garnier http://www.garnierusa.com/contact-us.aspx 

254. Preperation H https://www.preparationh.com/contact-us-page 

255. CeraVe http://www.cerave.com/contact-us 

256. Clean & Clear https://www.ccc-consumercarecenter.com/UCUConfiguration?id=a0758000004NIaB 
257. Febreze http://www.febreze.com/en-us/contact-us 

258. Arrid http://www.arrid.com/contactus.aspx 

259. Got2b https://secure.schwarzkopf.com/skus/en/home/contact.html

260. Spic & Span http://www.spicnspan.com/contact-us 
Act II Popcorn http://www.conagrabrands.com/contact-us 

A&W Rootbeer http://www.econsumeraffairs.com/am_bev/contactus.htm?F1=rootbeer&F2=A_W

Aquafresh https://www.aquafresh.com/contact-us/ 

Arizona Tea https://www.drinkarizona.com/contact-arizona 

Armor All http://www.armorall.com/about-us/contact 

Armour Meats https://www.armourmeats.com/contact/ 

Atkins https://www.atkins.com/contact-us 

Bakers Joy http://www.bakersjoy.com/contact/ 

Ban Deodorant http://www.feelbanfresh.com/contact-us/ 

Band-Aid https://www.ccc-consumercarecenter.com/UCUConfiguration?id=a0758000004NIaM 
Boogie Wipes http://www.boogiewipes.com/contact-us/ 

Bumble Bee Tuna http://www.bumblebee.com/contact-us/ 

Butterball http://www.butterball.com/contact-us/contact-us-form 
Cape Cod Chips http://slletsconnect.com/cape-cod/ 

Cascade https://pgconsumersupport.secure.force.com/ContactUs/emailus?brand=Cascade&country=United+States+of+America&language=English-US 

Chinet https://www.mychinet.com/contact 

Coffee Mate https://www.coffeemate.com/contact/ 

Crisco http://www.crisco.com/contact-us 

Dixie https://cpgapps.gp.com/cpgcontactus/IntroCRM.aspx?BrandID=107 

Dole http://www.dole.com/AboutDole/Contact-us 

Domino Sugar https://www.dominosugar.com/contact/consumer_question_or_comment 

Flintstones Vitamins https://www.livewell.bayer.com/contactus/ 

Fresh Step https://www.freshstep.com/contact-us/product/ 

Germ-X http://germx.com/customer-service/ 

The Hersey Company https://www.thehersheycompany.com/en_us/home/contact-us/contact-us-form.html 

Hungry Jack http://www.hungryjack.com/contact-us 

Izze Sparkling Waterhttps://cu.pepsico.com/izze  

Jiffy Mix http://www.jiffymix.com/contact.php 

Johnsonville http://www.johnsonville.com/contact.html 

Jolly Time Popcorn http://www.jollytime.com/connect 
Karo Syrup http://www.karosyrup.com/contactus.html 

Kens Food http://www.kensfoods.com/contact.php 

Kettle Brand http://slletsconnect.com/kettle/ 

Kingsford https://www.kingsford.com/contact/#5eThoXfJioAXMOP1.97 

Lindsay's olives http://cust-service.org/BCF/Contact.aspx?__hstc=101480926.b8b37ca7611cc5bb2a654e8b53bef632.1494466332296.1494466332296.1494466332296.1&__hssc=101480926.2.1494466332296&__hsfp=2361548721&_ga=2.157919795.884666404.1494466354-1309414203.1494466329 

Minute Rice https://www.minuterice.com/en-us/contact_us/default.aspx 

Motrin https://www.ccc-consumercarecenter.com/UCUConfiguration?id=a0758000004NIad 

Mt Olive http://www.mtolivepickles.com/contact-us/general-contact/ 

Naked Juicehttps://cu.pepsico.com/nakedjuice

Nestle https://www.nestleusa.com/info/contact-us 

Newman's Own http://customerservice.newmansown.com/default.aspx

One A Day https://www.livewell.bayer.com/contactus/ 

Oxi Clean http://www.oxiclean.com/en/Contact-Us 

Smuckers http://www.smuckers.com/contact-us#top 

Sun Maid http://www.sunmaid.com/consumerComments/consumercomments.php 

Sunny D http://www.sunnyd.com/contact-us/ 

Tylenol https://www.ccc-consumercarecenter.com/UCUConfiguration?id=a0758000004NIae 

Duck Tape https://www.duckbrand.com/contact

Crisco http://www.crisco.com/contact-us

Budget Savers Popsicles https://www.budgetsaver.com/contact

Tastykake http://www.tastykake.com/aboutus/consumeraffairscontact

Milos Dog Treats http://www.bigheartpet.com/Contact/ContactUs.aspx 

Del Monte http://www.delmontefoods.com/contact-us 

Vaseline https://secure.vaseline.us/contact
Gortons Seafood https://www.gortons.com/contact-us/ 

Tum - E Yummies http://www.tumeyummies.com/contact-us/ 

Dr. Teal http://drteals.pdcbrandsusa.com/contacts/index

Lemi Shine https://www.lemishine.com/customer-care/ 
Nathan;s Hotdogs http://www.nathansfamous.com/contact 

Elmer's Glue http://elmers.com/about/contact-us

Carlols Daughters http://www.carolsdaughter.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-carolsdaughter-us-Site/default/CustomerService-ContactUsForm

Babyganic http://babyganics.com/customer-service/

Baby Magichttps://babymagic.com/contact-us/ ct/

Bai http://www.drinkbai.com/contact

Renzuit http://www.henkel-northamerica.com/contact-us

Oxi Clean http://www.oxiclean.com/en/Contact-Us

Seventh Generation https://help.seventhgeneration.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner http://www.affresh.com/contact_us

Woolite http://www.woolite.us/contact-us/

Spray & Wash http://www.spraynwash.com/contact-us/

Snuggle https://www.snuggle.com/

Biz Stain Fighter http://bizstainfighter.com/contact-us

Ecos http://ecos.com/contact/

Dapple Dish Soap https://www.dapplebaby.com/

Faultless https://faultless.com/contact-us/

Evercare https://www.cleanerhomeliving.com/contacts/

Hex Detergent http://hexperformance.com/contact/

Molly Suds https://mollyssuds.com/contact-us/

Static Guard http://www.mystaticguard.com/contact/

Terro Ant Killer http://www.terro.com/contact-us

Ortho Ant Killer https://www.ortho.com/smg/node2/Ortho-v2/help-center/email-us/17700007-34800027-s

Tomcat Mouse Killer https://www.tomcatbrand.com/smg/node2/Tomcat/help-center/email-us/14900006-32000077-s

Repel http://www.repel.com/Tips-And-Information/Contact-Us.aspx

Spectracide http://www.spectracide.com/Contact-Us.aspx

Combat http://na.henkel-adhesives.com/henkelnow-contact-us-8802.htm

Bar Keeper Friends https://www.barkeepersfriend.com/about-us/contact-us/

Temptations Cat Treats https://www.temptationstreats.com/contact-us

Tilex https://www.tilex.com/contact-tilex/

409 https://www.formula409.com/about-us/contact-us/email/

Murphy Oil Soap https://www.colgatepalmolive.com/en/us/corp/contact-us

Sprayway http://www.spraywayinc.com/contacts

Visine https://www.ccc-consumercarecenter.com/UCUConfiguration?id=a0758000004NIZq

Rembrandt https://www.rembrandt.com/contact-us

Schimdt's Natural Deodorant https://schmidtsnaturals.com/contact

Tena https://www.tena.us/on/demandware.store/Sites-Tena_US-Site/en_US/CustomerService-ContactUs

Softsoap https://www.colgatepalmolive.com/en/us/corp/contact-us

Sea-Bond http://combe.com/contact/?product=SB

Tend Skin https://www.tendskin.com/help.php?section=contactus&mode=update

Plackers Floss https://www.plackers.com/contact-us

Control GX http://combe.com/contact/?product=JFM

Raw Sugar Body Wash http://rawsugarliving.com/contact/

Lever 2000 https://secure.lever2000.com/faqs.aspx

Mack's Pillow Soft http://www.macksearplugs.com/contact/

Fungi Nail http://kramerlabs.com/contact/

Dr. Bronner's https://www.drbronner.com/contact/

Certian Dri Prescription https://www.certaindri.com/contact-us

Steripod http://www.getsteripod.com/contact.html

Completely Bare https://www.ulta.com/ulta/guestservices/contactUs.jsp

SheaMoisture https://www.sheamoisture.com/contact-us/

Sunstar Gum http://www.gumbrand.com/contacts/index/

J.R. Watkins https://www.jrwatkins.com/customer-service#contact-us

Efferdent Dentures https://www.alcon.com/about-us/contact/general-inquiry

Cetaphil http://www.galdermausa.com/Contact-Us.aspx/

Spindrift Sparkling Water https://spindriftfresh.com/contact-us/

Honest Tea https://www.honesttea.com/contact/us

Orange House https://www.myorangehouse.com/pages/contact

Twinings Tea https://www.twiningsusa.com/customer-service/contact-us

Argo Tea https://www.argotea.com/pages/contact-us

Capital Teas https://www.capitalteas.com/articles.asp?ID=83

Good Earth Tea https://www.goodearth.com/contacts/index/

Luzianne Tea http://www.reilyproducts.com/contact

Peet's Coffee & Tea https://www.peets.com/customer-service/contact-us

Stash Tea https://www.stashtea.com/pages/contact-us

Talbott Teas http://talbottteas.com/contact/

Tavalon Tea https://tavalon.com/contact-us/

Tea Forté https://www.teaforte.com/contact?status=success

Teavana http://www.teavana.com/us/en/customer-service/cs-landing.html

Faygo http://www.faygo.com/contact/

Jones Soda https://www.jonessoda.com/pages/contact-us

TROPICAL FANTASY http://www.tropicalfantasy.com/

Frescolita http://www.frescolita.com/?page_id=26

Full Throttle https://www.drinkfullthrottle.com/ContactUs.aspx

Shasta http://shastapop.com/#!contact

BRIANNAS http://www.briannas.com/contact-us/

Big Butz Original B-B-Q Sauce https://www.bigbutzbbqsauce.net/ 

Back To Nature http://www.backtonaturefoods.com/contact-us

BetterBody Foods https://www.betterbodyfoods.com/contact-us/

Honest Kids https://www.honesttea.com/contact/

Naked Wild Honey http://www.barkmanhoney.com/contact/contact-us/

Lundberg Family Farms http://www.lundberg.com/info/contact/

Bob's Red Mill https://www.bobsredmill.com/contact/

Uncle Lee's Tea https://www.unclelee.com/contact_us.php?SID=f035ceb7451699905a064a3049ea05e8

Mahatma Rice https://www.mahatmarice.com/en-us/contact_us/default.aspx

Carrington Farms https://carringtonfarms.com/contact-us/

Amy's Organic Soups https://www.amys.com/contact-us

Seeds Of Change http://www.seedsofchangefoods.com/contactus/

Spectrum Naturals Organic http://www.spectrumorganics.com/contact-us/

Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar http://madhavasweeteners.com/contact/

Wish Bone http://pinnaclefoods.com/company/contact-us

Marzetta Dressing http://www.marzetti.com/contact/

Ott's Dressing https://www.ottfoods.com/contact-us/

Barilla Pasta https://www.barilla.com/en-us/contact-form

Eight O'Clock Coffee http://www.eightoclock.com/contact-eight-o-clock-coffee-faq

NesCafe https://www.nestle.com/info/contactus/contactus

Little Hug Fruit Barrels http://www.littlehug.com/connect/

Langers Juice http://www.langers.com/contact.html

Yoo-hoo https://www.drpeppersnapplegroup.com/contact

Fairlife Milk https://fairlife.com/contact/

M&M's https://www.mms.com/us/contact

Ghirardelli https://www.ghirardelli.com/contact-us 

LifeSavers http://www.wrigley.com/global/contact-us/contact-form.aspx 

Downy https://downy.com/en-us 

Scotties Facial Tissues https://www.scottiesfacial.com/contact-us.aspx

Red Baron Pizza https://www.redbaron.com/secure/contact-us.htm

The Greek Gods Yogurt http://www.greekgodsyogurt.com/contact-us/

Ocean Spray https://ask.oceanspray.com/contact-us/

Hidden Valley Dressing https://www.hiddenvalley.com/about-us/faqs/

Fresh Cravings Salsa http://www.fresh-cravings.com/connect/

Tony's Pizza https://www.tonys.com/secure/contact-us.htm

Nature Valley https://consumercontacts.generalmills.com/ConsolidatedContact.aspx?page=http://www.naturevalley.com&js=True

Krazy Glue http://www.krazyglue.com/contact-us#.WgIxW2hSzIU

Contadina http://www.delmontefoods.com/contact-us

Outshine Bars https://www.outshinesnacks.com/contact/

Harvest Stone https://harveststone.com/contact/

Zarbee's Natural's  https://www.zarbees.com/our-story

Chef's Cut Jerky https://chefscutrealjerky.com/pages/contact-us?contact_posted=true#contact_form

Miss Jones Baking Co https://www.missjones.co/our-story/

Reames Egg Noodles http://www.reamesfoods.com/contact/

Magnum Ice Cream https://www.magnumicecream.com/us/en/secure/contact-us.html

Pagoda https://www.pagodasnacks.com/secure/contact-us.htm

Rosina Meatballs http://www.rosina.com/page/contact/93.html#.WgI5YmhSzIU

Kidfresh Meals http://www.kidfresh.com/where-to-buy/

Morningstar Farms https://www.morningstarfarms.com/Contact-Us.html

Mama Mary's http://www.mamamarys.com/contact-us/

Nathan's Hot dogs https://nathansfamous.com/about-us/

Bertolli https://www.bertolli.com/contact-us/

Farmwise https://eatveggiefries.com/contact-us/

Sonoma Flatbreads https://sonomaflatbreads.com/signup/

Frontera foods http://www.fronterafoods.com/contact-us

Quorn https://www.quorn.us/contact

Fage Yogurt https://usa.fage/contact

Go Veggies http://goveggies.com/contact-us/

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Coupon Lingo
  • $/$: Any example of money off purchase
  • $1/1: You will receive $1 off of just 1 item
  • $2/1: Receive $2 off one item
  • B1G2: Buy 1, Get 2
  • B2G1: Buy 2, Get 1
  • Blinkie: The coupon machine that spits out coupons in the grocery aisle
  • BOGO: Buy One, Get One Free
  • Catalina (CAT): Coupon that prints after you check out at the register
  • Closeouts: Greatly reduced items that the store will no longer carry
  • Doubling: When stores double manufacturer’s coupon value
  • ECB’s: Extra Care Bucks- This term will only he used when referencing CVS’s reward system
  • Exp: Expires/Expiration Date on coupon or deal
  • Fillers: Miscellaneous items you need to purchase to get to a coupon savings amount
  • IP: Internet Printable Coupon
  • IVC: Instant Value Coupon- Found in walgreen’s monthly savings booklet
  • OOP: Out Of Pocket
  • Overage: When a coupon is more than the free and will take addition $ off your final price
  • Peelie: Peel-Off Coupon found right on the package
  • PSA: Price Starts At
  • Q’s: Coupon
  • Rolling: Roll your store “cash” over to your next transaction
  • RR: Register Rewards- Walgreen’s reward system
  • SCR: Single Check Rebate- associated with Rite Aid’s Rewards Program
  • Stacking: When you pair or stack a manufacturer’s coupon with a specific store coupon
  • WYB: When You Buy
  • YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary
  • P&G: Procter & Gamble Sunday Insert
  • RP: RedPlum Sunday Insert
  • SS: SmartSource Sunday Insert
  • MFG: Manufacture coupon
  • YAG: Yellow advantage flyer
  • GAF: Green advantage flyer
  • Ea: Each
  • GC: Gift card
  • OOS: Out Of Stock
  • MIR: Mail in rebate
  • Tearpad: Pad of coupons attached to a display, shelf, or refrigerator door
  • UPC: Universal product code, bar code
  • Hangtag: Coupon found hanging from the product
  • TQ: Target coupon
  • PQ: Publix coupon
  • TIA: Thanks in advance
  • BD: Break down
  • NLA: No longer available
  • MM: Money maker
  • ISO: In search of
  • DM: Direct message
  • RC: Rainn check
  • CW: Target cartwheel
  • OYNO: On your next order
  • Wags: Walgreens
  • PM: Price Match
  • Dead Deal: Deal no longer available


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